• Schwarzenbergpfanne €16.20

    Beef fillet strips with wild mushrooms and potato croquettes.

  • Wiener Saftgulasch €11.90

    Beef goulash with bread dumpling and pickle.

  • Wiener Tafelspitz €15.40

    Prime boiled fillet of beef with fried grated potatoes, root vegetables,
    chive in yoghurt sauce and horseradish in apple sauce.

  • Original Wienerschnitzel €16.90

    Original Viennese Schnitzel (veal) with potato-field salad and cranberry dip.

  • Schwarzenberg Schnitzel €13.20

    Breaded pork escalope filled with bacon, ham, mushrooms,
    onions, peppers and cheese, served with rice and mixed salad

  • Wienerschnitzel vom Schwein/Huhn €12.60

    Viennese pork or chicken Schnitzel, served with parsley-potatoes

  • Cordon Bleu vom Schwein/Huhn €13.20

    Breaded pork or chicken escalope filled with ham and cheese,
    served with chips




    Strips of cold boiled beef on rucola with Styrian red kidney beans,
    red onion rings and pumpkin seed oil, rye bread.

  • Gegrillte Hühnerbruststreifen €9.20

    Strips of grilled chicken fillet on mixed salad with yoghurt dressing.

  • Backhendelsalat €11.90

    Strips of deep­fried breaded chicken fillet on potato­field salad
    with fried pumpkin seeds and Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

  • Schafskäse im Speckmantel €9.90

    Grilled bacon coated feta on salad leaves, olives, balsamico dressing.


  • Veggie Burger €8,90

    Vegetarian Burger with lettuce, tomato, carrots, rocket salad
    and potato wedges.

  • Speckbrot €6.90

    Bacon, mustard, onions, peppers and horseradish on toasted brown rye bread.

  • Tomaten-­Mozzarella Brot €6.90

    Tomatoes, melted mozzarella and fresh basil on toasted brown rye bread.

  • Schwarzenberg Beef Burger €9.90

    Beef Burger with potato wedges, tomatoes, onions, gherkins, bacon and salad.

  • Schwarzenbergbrot €6.90

    Ham, peppers, tomatoes, onions, fried egg and cheese
    on toasted brown rye bread.


  • Beef Tartare €12.90

    Prepared traditionally.

  • Gegrillte Garnelen €9.90

    Grilled prawns on iceberg lettuce and rucola with olive oil and garlic bread.


  • Gebackener Emmentaler €9.20

    Deep-fried breaded Emmentaler cheese with Tartare Sauce and cranberries.

  • Gemüse Omelette €9.20

    Vegetable omelet with parsley-potatoes and chive in yoghurt sauce
    with salad leaves.

  • Käsenockerln €7.90

    Austrian-style pasta pan-fried with cheese and onions,
    served with green salad.

  • Eiernockerln €7.50

    Austrian-style pasta pan-fried with egg, served with green salad.


  • Chickenwings €9.90

    Chickenwings with potato wedges, salad garnish and two dips.

  • Lachsfilet vom Grill €14.80

    Grilled salmon fillet, spinach-potatoes and english vegetables.

  • Spare Ribs €15.90

    Spare ribs with potato wedges, salad garnish, two dips.

  • Pfeffersteak (240 g) €24.90

    Peppersteak with broccoli, baby carrots and croquettes.

  • Grillteller €14.20

    Mixed grill with beef and chicken fillet, pork cutlet, bacon,
    fried potatoes, dip.

  • Grillstelze €16.90

    Pork knuckle with bacon-cabbage salad, mustard, horseradish, gherkin
    and rye bread.